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On Saturday, August 17, 2019. at the Delfin city pool, the swimmers of the Delfin Swimming Club performed in front of the home crowd in the traditional competition of short disciplines Sprint 2019, organized by the Delfin Swimming Club.

In the strong competition of over 130 swimmers from 21 clubs from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy, our swimmers did a great job in their first competition after the break, and they also had the opportunity to socialize with former Delfin Swimming Club swimmers who regularly participate in the Sprint.
Manuel Herak and Matija Mužina placed among the 8 fastest in the men's 50 free in the Australian Open, along with former swimmers Luca Laković and Mate Makovac.


Matija Mužina placed second in Australiana.

In the women's competition, Nikka Brajković and Dora Đukić placed among the 8 fastest in the 50 free in the Australian.

On Sunday, August 18, 2019. several of our swimmers participated in the 40th Mini Marathon organized by PK Pula.
Very successful in Pula in their respective categories were Ivan Jančić and Dino Crnkovic and bronze medalist Dora Đukić.


From Monday, August 19, 2019. preparations for the new swimming season begin.
Follow our swimmers and support them in their efforts to maintain the name of Delfin Swimming Club at a high level even after 70 years of existence.

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