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Rovinj Rovigno 08.09.2018.

In beautiful sunny and calm weather, it was held on September 8th. on Saturday the 20th swimming marathon of St. Euphemia in the length of 45oo m from Villas Rubina to Mulini Beach. This year, for the safety of swimmers, the organizing committee decided to change the place of arrival to avoid swimming in the port, which due to the construction of a new marina for mega yachts and an increasing number of boats, taxis, etc. is becoming too crowded and unsafe place for swimmers.

The goal at Monte Mulini was excellently conceived and the organization went in the best order thanks to the many volunteers who contributed a lot to it. 100 swimmers from Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Germany and Croatia participated. All of them, despite the strong sea current at Cape Kurenat, finished the race in the limit. It was also the final race of the CRO CUP swimming competition, which is scored for the Croatian long-distance swimming championship. The winner of the race is Filip Husnjak, a member of KDPSR Poreč in 1:04:41 and the best among the ladies was Lucija Aralica KDP Donat Zadar in 1:08:02.

For the first time we had electronic timekeeping which was excellently measured and processed by the team Chip timing doo from Pula. PK Delfin swimmers also stood out, all of whom performed successfully. The fastest of the boys was Matija Mužina, who won 9th place in the absolute category, and among the girls, the fastest was Nika Brajković, who won seventh place. The oldest swimmer in the race was Longino Sošić and the youngest Ivan Jančić. The awards ceremony was held on the terrace of TN Vilas Rubina and the awards were shared by Anđelo Iskra and Radenko Matijašec, former coach and former president of PK Delfin, who started the first marathon in 1999 together with his secretary Miranda Poropat, who still tirelessly participates in the marathon. More information and lots of photos can be found on the new page about Rovinj swimming

The report from the swimming marathon will be broadcast on Sportska TV tomorrow, Tuesday at 5.30 pm and Thursday at 12.10 pm

We would like to thank the companies, clubs and associations that helped organize the marathon: Rovinj Sports Association, PK Delfin, Maistra dd, Rovinj Public Fire Station, Istrian Red Cross Society, Sailing Club Maestral Rovinj, Rovinj Port Authority, Cycling Club AXA, Pula-Pola Maritime Police Station, Eurotrade doo, Port Authority of Pula, Meduza Rovinj Fishing Club, Rovinj FM, Mediacom, Foto Duga, Lera-Rovinj doo and Portun Immobilis doo

Numerous individuals helped us unselfishly: Radenko Matijašec, Anđelo Iskra, Goran Monas, Robert and Hannah Santin, Rubina Božac, Lana Jeremić, Aldo Krelja, Radenko Matijašec, Anđelo Iskra, Toni Orbanić, Raul Baričević, Sandra Mužina, Tomislav Crnković, Daliborka Dokić, Boro Plazibat and Leo Mendica.

Thanks to Martina Ukić for the visual identity of the event (design of T-shirts, posters, banners ...)

The event was photographed by Martina, Lucija and Gordan Ukić - photo by Duga

The event was filmed by Danijel Cerin and Sportska TV.

Organizing committee: Gordan Ukić, Miranda Poropat, Marjan Matuzović, Bojan Laginja, Nenad Labinjan and Mojmir Jančić.

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