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Race Mala Figarola 1500 m

Velika Figarola race 3000m


Crnković brothers Dino and Toni

the best time of Little Figarola


Winner of the Great Figarola

Manuel Herak


The 22nd Swimming Marathon of St. Eufemia organized by Delfin Swimming Club . There were two races on the schedule that were swum in a triangle.


Small Figarola with a length of 1500 m, of a recreational character, where everyone was a winner and who deservedly received medals for their efforts, and a Big Figarola with a length of 3000 m, for which prizes were distributed by category and in the absolute category. The main judge of the race was Josip Punek, and the time measurement was done by the company Stotinka and its administrator Lana Punek.


A total of 65 swimmers from three countries (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia) took part in both races. The best time of Male Figarola was Dino Crnković 21:22 in the men's category and Petar Mužina 25:07 in the women's category, both members of Pk Delfin.


The absolute winners of Velika Figarola are Manuel Herak , a member of PK Delfin, with a time of 42:59 in the men's competition and Dora Đukić , a member of PK Delfin, with a time of 48:25 in the women's competition.


After last year's break in holding the traditional St. Euphemia swimming marathon, after 21 years of swimming from Villas Rubin to the city of Rovinj, a difficult and demanding marathon with a length of 5600 m, the organizing committee   decided to look for a new location for the swimming marathon in order to maximally protect swimmers and enable many to participate in this beautiful sports competition. The new location is located between the beautiful pebble beaches of the OR Martin Horvat Special Hospital, the Amarin Family Hotel and the future indoor swimming pool, in a quiet and protected Valdaliso bay with a view of Rovinj and the nearby islands of Velika and Mala Figarola, after which the races were named. The smiles of the swimmers that you can see in the photos say a lot about their satisfaction in participating in this marathon that has a bright future.


We would like to thank the OR Martin Horvat Special Hospital for providing us with technical support and allowing us to use the plateau next to the beach for the organization of the event, while respecting all epidemiological measures. It is worth mentioning the main sponsors Maistra , Valalta , the Tourist Board of the City of Rovinj , the Swimming Association of the Istrian County for their donations, and the City of Rovinj and the Sports Association of the City of Rovinj for their sponsorship.


Thanks to all the volunteers, friends of the club for their help, without which it is not possible to organize something like this.


We would like to thank our friends who selflessly   donated their services to make our marathon run in the best order, which are the Communal Service of the City of Rovinj , KDPSR Poreč , Ivan Sušilović PA and Guitar, Luka Ferenc Manager, Aerial Production and Danijel Cerin cinematographer, Palma Extreme and Manuel Smoljan kayaks, Foto Duga and Lucija Ukić photography, Martina Ukić T-shirt and poster design,  Aletta medal printing, Mediacom , SRK Meduza.


Special thanks to Prof. To Anđel Iskra , the legend of Rovinj swimming, who gave us great support with his presence this time as well. The highest praise goes to Miranda Poropat for the successful organization of the past 21 swimming marathons, because her previous effort and engagement was a great motivation for this year's marathon organizers.

Goodbye to the new swimming excitements of next year, and in the end I will use the exclamation of my dear swimming friend Domagoj Jakopović - Ribafish - whom we are looking forward to at the next marathon St. Euphemia 2022, and whose exclamation I loudly announce to all of you::



View of the start from a bird's eye view (filmed by D. Cerin)


Absolute winners of the 3000 m race,  from left to right: Ivan Cetina Pk Pula, Manuel Herak, Pk Delfin Rovinj, Noel Smailbašić Pk Arena Pula, Dora Đukić Pk Delfin, Daria Lovakovič Pk Delfin, Tadeja Moravec 3k Sport Ljubljana (photo Lucija Ukič)

The best time of Little Figarola

Petar Muzin

Absolutely - the results of Mala Figarola 1500 m
Absolutely - the results of Velika Figarola 3000 m
Results by categories - Mala Figarola 1500 m
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Marathon St. Euphemia_2021 Small and large Figarola.jpg

Winner of the Great Figarola

Dora Djukic

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