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˝From cape to cape - Scaraba 2019˝


Dear athletes, recreational enthusiasts and all people of good will!


On the occasion of the Day of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno, organized by the Rovinj-Rovigno Sports Association on September 15, 2019, a traditional sports and recreational event "From point to point - by sea and land" will be held, where people swim, walk, run and cycle Small pier,. The event was started 13 years ago (2007) in cooperation with the then Sports Federation of the City of Rovinj, runners Mirjana Kmačić Pelizzer and Sandi Mužina, and swimmer Gordan Ukić.


The event is held under the motto "I love Rovinj and its beautiful coast and safe sea" and is not of a competitive nature. Its goal is to point out the importance of recreation in nature at any age, and touching Rovinj's points points to their beauty and participates in preserving the tradition of original names (toponyms) given to generations by generations of fishermen for easier orientation at sea.
This year the event has two routes. The swimming part starts at 10:25 am at Cape Škaraba and runners and cyclists start at 08:20 am from La Musa Square in Bale.

If you want to swim and participate in the "From cape to cape" by sea, the gathering of swimmers is at 09:30 in front of the MMC. Transportation by boat to Cape Škaraba was organized and the swimmers started at 10:25. Swim in the length of 4200m to the Little Pier. The pace of swimming is such that you reach the finish line exactly at 12:00, or accelerate or slow down if necessary. Swim at a slow pace, after each section there is a break of 5 minutes. Who wants to join the group on the day of swimming can do so at 10:51 am at Punta Korente, at 11:30 am on the beach in the bay of Lone or at 11:50 am at the pier from the marina on the outside. Personal belongings will be transferred by boats to the destination. When the swimmers touch the Little Pier, it will be the 100th kilometer swum in 13 years of the event "From point to point -. sea and land kop

If you want to run or ride a bike and participate in "From punta to punta" by land, the gathering of all interested runners and cyclists is on Sunday, September 15, 2019, at 7.00 am in the parking lot in front of Uno bar, for those who want to cross the entire section from Bale to Rovinj by coast. The start is at 08 20 in La Musa Square in Bale. The event can be joined on individual sections by all those who want to show their love for Rovinj and its coast. The event is not of a competitive nature. The trail passes on a macadam road towards Stancija Meneghetti, continues through Colon, San Polo, Cisterna, Veštra, Polaria, Vilas Rubina, Cuvia, nature park "Zlatni rt", through Valdibora to Mali mol where we deserve refreshments and distribution of medals to event participants. The total section is 34 km long, and is designed in such a way that everyone can join at certain points along the trail depending on their own capabilities. The event is not of a competitive nature and is suitable for everyone. The joint arrival and meeting of all runners, cyclists, walkers and swimmers is on the main square (Mali mol) at noon!

If you want to walk and participate in the "From cape to cape" by land, the gathering of interested walkers is on Punta Korente at 10:30 am and walk along the coast to the Small Pier where all participants meet at exactly 12 noon.


The goal of this event is to gather and socialize as many young people as possible and to promote a healthy lifestyle in contact with nature. Spend on Sunday 15.09. a day in the fresh air and actively explore our beautiful coastline!


More information for runners and cyclists 091 509 77 32 Sandi Mužina More information for swimmers on 091 253 32 38 Gordan Ukić
We look forward to meeting you !!

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