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24. Swimming marathon

St. Euphemia in 2023

Mala Figarola 1500 m
Velika Figarola 3000 m



Rovinj, 17.09.2023.

Rovinj, 09.09.2023.

 "The manifestation 'From Punta to Punta, by sea and land' enthralled Rovinj in celebration of the City Day"


Rovinj, 17.09.2023. - On Sunday, September 17, 2023, in Ruja bay and in front of the popular Come Back bar, in Rovinj, a16th sports-educational event called "From punta to punta by sea and land - Da punta a punta via mare e via terra!" This extraordinary event takes place every year during the week of the celebration Days of the city of Rovinj-Rovigno and the feast of St. Euphemia.

More than a hundred participants, including athletes from Rovinj clubs and local citizens in love with sports, gathered to take part in a series of activities such as swimming, running, cycling and walking.


This event stands out for its sports-educational character, focusing on exploring the coast of Rovinj, instead of organizing a competition. The aim of the participants was to simultaneously touch every cape of this beautiful part of the coast, using different ways of movement - swimming, running, walking and cycling.


In extraordinary weather conditions that included calm and sunny weather, about twenty brave peoplea swimmer started and swam 6000 meters, starting in Valsaline bay and finishing swimming in Ruja bay (near the Come Back bar) at 12 o'clock.Racing ran from the bay of Ruja to TN Valalta and back, a total of 5000 meters.Cyclists and walkers embarked on an adventure on the Štrika ferata trail. All participants gathered again at 12 o'clock in front of the Come Back beach bar, where refreshments and an opportunity to socialize awaited them.


This year's theme of the event, "I love Rovinj, its beautiful coast and safe sea. Amo Rovigno le sue splendide spiagge e il suo limpido mare!", is aimed at encouraging citizens to improve their standard of living through activities such as swimming, hiking, cycling and running about your health. At the same time, by researching and naming all the points and bays they visited, the participants contribute to the preservation of the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of this area.


She organized the event Sports Association of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno,


See photos from the event here.


Text author Gordan Ukić, photos taken by Lucija Ukić)

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